My priorities for education: 1) Empower parents and the community as partners with teachers and administrators. Too often, parents are left out or edited in as the last thought in a school system’s education plan. Businesses want to be part of the solution but are often ignored when they express an interest to be involved in our schools. 2) Support a bill to increase the academic standards for measuring our schools. Due to meddling from the General Assembly in 2017, the standards that the State Board of Education wanted to pass were actually lowered, making Maryland one of the weakest states in the nation on academic accountability which is abysmal as scores on the Nation’s Report Card show Maryland 8th graders are now performing worse than the national average in math. 3) I would support a review of the current state standardized tests (called PARCC). Other states are changing their testing platforms and it would help to have a group of experts analyze these tests, compare them with the latest testing platforms, and make a recommendation to the State Board of Education. 4) I would support policies that would foster innovation in our public schools. States like Florida are performing better than Maryland, possibly because these states are more aggressive at trying new ideas. 5) Advocate for more school construction funding to work to catch up with our enrollment growth and aging buildings. My dream is that each child in Maryland will one day have his/her own specialized education plan that follows him/her from Kindergarten through graduation, and parents/ mentors, teachers and administrators work together to ensure each child is engaged, challenged and supported.


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