It is past time that our Maryland elected officials address gerrymandering, which disenfranchises voters and poorly serves their interests. Even former Governor O’Malley acknowledged that changes are needed to give our voters fair representation. Governor Hogan has offered fair, common sense, bi-partisan legislation the past four years but politics are getting in the way. A bill introduced this year sat on the shelf after the First Hearing. This is inexcusable. Elected officials are there to serve the people of Maryland and some seem to have lost sight of this in Annapolis. Hopefully the U.S. Supreme Court will bring clarity to the gerrymandering issue very soon since the Maryland case was just heard in April. I would support legislation, like the one Governor Hogan put forth this year, to establish a committee of nine commissioners where no one political party is over-represented. This committee would determine boundaries in a fair and bi-partisan manner including holding public hearings and maintaining a strict adherence to transparency of redistricting data. I hope voters will hold accountable all those who are running for office, to promise to support such a bill in 2019. This should be a no-brainer issue for both Republicans and Democrats equally, and if elected I will certainly make this a top priority in my first session.

MDGOP Candidate