Health insurance premiums can be as expensive as a house payment now, and so coverage is moving out of the range of affordability for many people. As a widow who has been on COBRA for the last year, with two kids in college, I am keenly aware of the exorbitant costs because I’m paying over $1,000 a month for my own family coverage. I would encourage new policies that promote competition among states so that Marylanders have better options which will make health insurance more competitive and keep premiums down. My experience as a senior benefits analyst will help me work with health experts and leaders to help find workable solutions. Government can help by removing unnecessary regulations, and industry can help by finding ways to incentivize workers’ healthy preventive practices.

I am also very concerned about the opioid crisis. Opioid-related deaths are climbing at an alarming rate: from 2007 until 2016, annual deaths in the state related to alcoholism and drug addiction went from 815 to 2,089. As your state Delegate, I would seek out and support evidence-based programs to help those battling addiction, as well as promote education programs on drug prevention for students and adults. 

My experience as a Senior Benefits Analyst for a consulting firm and as a unifier can help coordinate health experts, legislators and county leaders to find ways for our state to get on a better path to health and financial security.

MDGOP Candidate