My priorities for education: 1) Empower parents and the community as partners with teachers and administrators. Too often, parents are left out or edited in as the last thought in a school system’s education plan. Businesses want to be part of the...

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While Virginia has been adding toll lanes and constructing solutions to deal with the reality of DC area traffic, our Montgomery County Delegation has been doing a lot of talking about mass transit but failed to provide any solutions for our conge...

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Health insurance premiums can be as expensive as a house payment now, and so coverage is moving out of the range of affordability for many people. As a widow who has been on COBRA for the last year, with two kids in college, I am keenly aware of t...

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It is past time that our Maryland elected officials address gerrymandering, which disenfranchises voters and poorly serves their interests. Even former Governor O’Malley acknowledged that changes are needed to give our voters fair representation. ...

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