While Virginia has been adding toll lanes and constructing solutions to deal with the reality of DC area traffic, our Montgomery County Delegation has been doing a lot of talking about mass transit but failed to provide any solutions for our congested highways. We have the Purple Line on its way, thanks to many, including Governor Hogan who worked to get approval of $900 million in federal funding to keep the public/ private project alive.

It is unfortunate that road projects are talked about on the campaign trail by many Democrats as “backwards ideas.” Meanwhile, I270, I495 and MD 295 are three of the worst traffic corridors in the nation. People schedule their day around the presumed gridlock during rush hour. In contrast, I support Governor Hogan’s traffic relief plan which doesn’t add to our taxes. He has provided a way toward relieving the gridlock, possibly adding a bus rapid transit on the highway, while continuing to add funding and improve our DC area transit system. Governor Hogan has assured Montgomery County residents that home properties will not be affected. A top priority is to add lanes within the footprint of the right of way, possibly through cantilevered lanes similar to that found on the LBJ Highway in Dallas. 

I believe we can improve our roads and traffic flow with structural and technologically smart improvements while continuing to work toward the future with mass transit projects. Governor Hogan's plan, in my view is a workable plan we should support. 


MDGOP Candidate